Safe Rescue for Dogs has been formed to help dogs and cats from all over the world that have suffered neglect, abuse and torture at the hands of humans. Sadly we know we cannot save them all, but our intention is to get animals in perilous situations into safety and provide them with a secure future in the UK. With every dog we rehome we hope to bring attention to the horrific levels of animal cruelty that in some countries is commonplace and seen as acceptable! Here in the UK there is also cruelty, and we have our own animal welfare issues that of course still need to be dealt with, but here if a dog is beaten in broad daylight in a busy street someone would react…it would hit the headlines…CCTV would be looked at and charges would be made. Sadly in many countries this is not the case. In Romania, where the majority of our work takes place, the plight of the dogs living on the streets and in shelters there is heartbreaking. Dogs are regularly beaten, abused and killed by the public and by the state employed dog catchers. Those that survive the rough treatment are often taken to so called ‘shelters’ where they receive no veterinary care for their sustained injuries and often are left to starve to death or are brutally killed. Since the formation of Safe Rescue in September 2012 we have worked tirelessly to save as many as we can. We have had an amazing level of support from all over the world and we have successfully formed relationships with many other reputable UK rescues. We insist on home checks and neutering as a part of our re-homing policies to ensure that these dogs’ futures are completely secure for life. We occasionally fund a dog to the UK and re-home it through other rescues that are committed to our way thinking. There is a common phrase used in rescue….

“We cannot save the world but for the dogs that we do save, their world is changed for ever”.

We can change the lives of of these poor creatures… those that are so humbly forgiving that they still love and trust humans enough to give them love for a life time….. a love that we seldom deserve.

Tara and Chance are two of these dogs who’s lives have changed forever.

Click here to read Tara’s story


Click here to read Chance’s story


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